Meet the Team
Oct 30, 2023

Hey! We’re Nate and Andrea, two sophomore Civil Engineering students at WPI taking WR 2310 this term.

Nate knows web markup languages like HTML and CSS and is knowledgeable in website design. He also has experience writing blog posts, articles, op-eds, and other informal nonfiction writing. Andrea is a calligraphy enthusiast with vector graphics experience, having worked with software including Figma and Adobe Illustrator, and is very familiar with using various typefaces to communicate visually. While we both have experience in graphic design, our projects this term will be a learning opportunity to get familiar with illustration as well. Working together, we can combine our technical knowledge and hone our illustration skills to create a final product that doesn’t compromise on any aspects.

We’ve met in the past, so knowing each other before learning that we were working together made our communication seamless. Our plan is to work together in-person as much as possible, supplementing that as necessary with delegated individual work. We will use class time to communicate what needs to be done, and whether we need to schedule additional time to meet up and collaborate in person before the next class period. So far, we’ve met outside of class twice already, brainstorming and creating draft drawings for the font design project, and collaboratively writing this blog. As needed, we will communicate asynchronously using Discord to check in, especially around submission deadlines, with the expectation that we will respond to each other within a few hours, taking into account each of our busy schedules.