2.1 Design Plan: A Look Into WPI's Food Waste
Nov 15, 2023

The purpose of this infographic is to create an informative, creative, and attention-grabbing design for the Waste Management subcommittee of WPI’s Green Team. We hope to raise awareness of WPI students' food waste habits and hopefully help minimize this waste through the Green Team’s initiative Project Zero Waste. Our infographic will be composed of a mix of data as well as eye-catching images to help inform people of the cause and hopefully reflect what the client is looking for.

Our main strategy is to design something that is informative but still visually appealing. Through the use of images, data provided from the Green Team, and personal research, we aim to create something that the Green Team can use to promote their initiative around campus. We want our design to captivate those that see it help them learn more about Project Zero Waste. Legibility, practicality, and accessibility are also very important to us, so we ensured our design choices excelled in these categories.

While charts can be a compelling way to convey trends in information, the graphs provided by Green Team don’t show any upward or downward trends over time. As a result, we decided not to use any charts and instead focused on how many people per day the wasted food could feed. Our design puts the action of wasting food front and center—the falling food directs your eyes down the page, reaching bolded and simple facts at each level. The first fact states how much food is being wasted per student, and the second puts that number into perspective. The third piece of text is a simple call-to-action, urging viewers to be more conscious of their food waste habits. The infographic uses the same green and blue colors that are used on Green Team’s logo, creating a stylistic link between the infographic and the group sponsoring it.

All photos used are from PurePNG, a photo aggregator whose photos are free for commercial use and require no attribution. The meals extrapolation is based on a meal size of 1.2 pounds and a conservative estimate of 1,000 daily Morgan diners from WPI’s 2,400 students in on-campus housing. (Feeding America; Worcester Polytechnic Institute).

Preview and Download

Here are links to our infographic, both in a longer infographic format and a condensed Letter format:

Infographic Format Letter Format

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